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"What Lies Beyond the Gate of Sky?"

(inspired by Tianmen Mountain / 天门山)

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Level Description


Level Summary:

Nathan and Sully team up again in search of the whereabout of the "Immortal Elixir" left behind by the legendary Guiguzi (鬼谷子). All evidence leads them to continue the search in the Tianmen Mountain (天门山). Nathan eventually finds both Guiguzi's script detailing the story of the elixir as well as making an even more surprising find along the way.


Sequence #1: Asending the Mountain - 12 min

  1. Arrival at the foot of the mountain​

    1. Nathan and Sully arrive at the foot of Tianmen Mountain after a long drive. 

    2. Nathan ​and Sully discover that the cable car leading to the top was shut down.

  2. Traversal through stone pillars

    1. Nathan has to traverse the longer, more winding path through the stone pillars. Sully refuses to tag alone, sends Nathan off.

    2. Nathan crosses two wooden bridges and lands in front of a series of Zhangjiajie's signature stone pillars.

    3. The bridge to the second stone pillar was broken. Nathan finds a new route with his rope.

    4. Nathan crosses a stone gate on the second stone pillar. Sees the remanant of an ancient structure. Very likely the remains of an old pagoda.

  3. 1st combat encounter

    1. Nathan was ambushed by Shoreline enemies. Player is presented with the the first combat encounter. Nathan sees a narrow road around the stones made of ramps.

  4. Traversal to the foot of the waterfall

    1. A dark winding path in the mountain leads Nathan to a platform that gives him a better look of the "Gateway in the Cloud".

    2. Nathan sees an eleator on the side of the mountain, as well as an epic waterfall that subtly guides him towards his next stop.

  5. 2nd combat encounter

    1. Nathan comes to the foot of the waterfall after another brief period of traversal.

    2. Shoreline soilders fire the shot. This fight is slightly harder than the
      previous one as water fog and the sun interferes with the player’s vision.

  6. Landing at the foot of the "Gateway"

    1. Nathan fixes the mechanical structure of the elevator.​

    2. Climbs to the foot of the "Gateway."

Sequence #2: Finding the Treasure - 15 min

  1. Crossing the "Gateway"

    1. Nathan goes up the stairs and crosses the gateway. There is, however, no obvious way up at first: the only series of ramps leading towards an opening in the mountain is broken.

    2. Nathan turns around and finds some ledges that seemingly lead to the top of the gateway. Nathan climbs to the top. Finding a explorable area on his rihgt.

  2. Climbing higher

    1. Nathan sees a series of ledges on the stone. Climbs higher and finds himself on the top stone of the "Gateway". The stone pillars below are now covered in fog.

  3. Pagoda reveal

    1. Nathan crosses the top stone and comes to a slit in the stone that blocks the view.​

    2. Nathan bends downard, crosses the slit. The pogada standing in the distance instantly attracts his attention. The temple in the mid-ground tells the story of this mountain. In the foreground is an area of forest covered in fog.

  4. 3rd combat encounter

    1. Nathan jumps down and enters the forest. This area f​unctions as a twist to previous combat encounters as it is in itself a maze to navigate. Further more, the area challenges player's navigation skills as well as stealth gameplay.

    2. Nathan sneaks through multiple patroling enemies, kills some and was finally able to come out of the forest.

  5. Exploring the temple ground​

    1. As Nathan comes out of the forest, he is welcomed by the gate of an ancient temple ground. ​

    2. Nathan searches around, is rewarded with small collectable treasure and old scrolls that details the vicissitudes of this place.

  6. Finding Guiguzi's scroll in the pagoda​

    1. ​Half of the temple groud had collapsed due to erosion. Nathan finds a huge part of a temple at the bottom of the samll valley seperating the temple ground the pagoda.​​

    2. Turnig left, Nathan swings onto a tree branch and descends onot a series of platforms and ledges leading towards the pagoda. He sees a bridge leading somewhere he can't currently reach though.

    3. Nathan ascends the pagoda, solves the puzzle on the very top level and retrieves Guiguzi's original scroll he has been dreaming about for long. The scroll, lengend has it, tells the location of Guiguzi's treasure.

Sequence #3: Unexpected firework, unexpected find - 10 min

  1. Leaving the pagoda with the scroll, ambushed

    1. Nathan examines the scroll on the way down, is ambushed by another group of Shoreline soilders who fires without second thought on Nathan with a RPG. The pagoda suffers considerable damage and the ground beneath Nathan collapses.

    2. Nathan slides under gravity on the slope and reaches the bridge he saw earlier.

  2. Into the cave

    1. Nathan runs towards the other side no sooner than Shoreline’s firepower destroys the bridge. The other side of the bridge connects to a space on the side of the mountain.

    2. At the end of it is a tree branch, just enough support for Nathan to reach the platform below. A cave inside the mountain.

  3. Finding the elixir​

    1. Nathan arrives at the end of the road. In front of him is a pond. Nathan follows what was written on the scroll: “The answer will always stay with the water.” and jumps into the water.

    2. At the bottom of the pond, Nathan finds the elixir, grabs it and swims back to the surface.

  4. Out of the cave

    1. Nathan follows the light on the right and sees a big crack in the mountain, he sees another series of cable cars, but this time floating towards the station on the other side of the mountain.

    2. Nathan talks to Sully on the intercom and understand that Sully turned it on and. Nathan is asked by Sully to come down in the cable car.

    3. As Nathan emerges from the other side of the cave, he notices that the opening, that is where he is standing at the moment, is the one that he previously couldn’t reach when he first crossed the "Gateway".​

Sequence #4 / Finale: Escaping the Mountain - 8 min

  1. Riding the cable car

    1. Nathan reaches the station and rides the cable car. Nathan enjoys himself while taking in all the beautiful view and examining the treasure he has just hunted down.

  2. Helicopter bombardment

    1. A Shoreline helicopter suddenly stops in front of Nathan’s cabin and fires two missiles at him. The missiles destroy the entire cable car relay and the cables while sending Nathan and his cabin to an opening on the side of the mountain.​

  3. Run and escape

    1. Nathan starts to run for his life. Another explosion knocked Nathan 5 feet in the air. Hisintercom slips through a crack in the stones and disappears.

    2. The helicopter continues to fire at the opening as soon as Nathan lands. The hollow mountain is shaking under the constant bombardment.

  4. Saved by Sully. Fights back​

    1. As Nathan struggles to pull through Shoreline’s ferocious fire power, he is sent off once again in the air. In a split of second, Jeep jumpsoff a cliff and lands on the ground, catching Nathan just in time in the back seat. It is Sully.​

    2. Nathan grabs the RPG Sully prepared and aims at the helicopter chasing them.

    3. Nathan successfully shoots down the helicopter.

  5. Enojoy the sunset​

    1. Nathan holds the elixir bottle in front of Sully. The camera sees Nathan and Sully heading into the sunset in that old Jeep.​



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